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About This Site

We created this website to feature the first 300 North Florida writers in articles and to encourage more people in the North Florida area to support these published writers.

Beginning March 1, 2020 we will be creating feature articles on one of these published North Florida authors answering a couple of questions, brief biography, a listing of their published works and contact information including website(s), social media pages and emails. These blogs posts should be posted one a day except Sundays and automatically share to all of our social media pages.

We are also inviting those writers to submit articles of their favorite writers in the North Florida area. In the process they will receive bi-line credit for the post along with links to their website and social media pages. They can submit their articles and a couple of pictures right here on the site. Once approved it will be posted and featured. (THIS IS THE TOUR PART)

The main goals are to support local writers, info the public on what’s available in their area as well as increase book sales. This will, in time, encourage more local writers to publish their stories.

We will be inviting other creators to participate as well. We have a book illustrator, editor, website designer and other people who help writers get their stories to the public.